Cosmetic formulations

Whoever wants to  place sophisticated cosmetics on the market, has to fulfil two pre-conditions regarding product design:

  • The formulation has to meet the highest demands. The creation of emulsions has developed into a high-tech area of expertise and is continuously improving the value-in-use characteristics of the cosmetics. Here, being up to date with the own product is a must.
  • In order to achieve unique selling points, permanent innovations by new active agents is demanded. There not only high effectiveness is at the centre of attraction but also agreeableness and, at best, a natural origin of the new active agent complexes.
allessandro & artdeco

Novoselect GmbH develops cosmetic formulations and accomplishes the production of the products for companies such as alessandro and Artdeco.

New products do not have to be developed from the very start. Novoselect disposes of a range of cosmetic basic formulations and products that comply with the current trends of the formulation technology. The focus in developing by means of the customers order is to connect the special demands of the customer (e. g. special active agents) with the formulation pool of  Novoselect. Only through this, developments can be accomplished within a very short time.

new collection "Dr. Klügel-Skin Care"

Standard products are:

  • Night cream,
  • 24-h-cream,
  • Fluid/Serum,
  • Eye crease cream,
  • Dekolleté cream,
  • Bodylotion,
  • Body and hair,
  • Cleanser,
  • Tonic,
  • Peeling,
  • Hand cream,
  • Foot cream,
  • Refection cream,
  • Special creams.

Lotions and gels have benn developed and produced for diabetics, for example.

The products won the first prize in a trade fair.

Exclusive cosmetics series such as

  • Sea buckthorn flesh oil
  • Colostrum and mare’s milk
  • Ostrich oil
  • Gem stone powders,
  • Colloidial silver,
  • Anti-Aging complexes

have been put on the market successfully.

We have been performing development projects for German, European and extra-European customers (see references).

Options of implementation:

  1. Documentation of formulation is handed over to customer for sale.
  2. Novoselect produces and delivers the products to the customer.
  3. Novoselect issues licences for production and marketing to the customer (mainly to extra-Euoropean customers).

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Dr. Klügel-Skin Care

On the basis of our well-tried cosmetic products we have initiated a new collection for exclusive demands.

The brand is "Dr. Klügel-Skin Care".

The Collection starts with

Eye Wrinkle Cream


The Eye Wrinkle Cream from the Dr. Klügel Skin Care range works wonderfully on the sensitive area around the eyes. It perfectly complements your daily skin care. The Eye Wrinkle Cream smooths the skin and helps maintain the optimal moisture level of the delicate area around the eye. It delays the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, thus preventing premature ageing.

Dr. Klügel Eye Wrinkle Cream combines the characteristics of an emulsion which is extremely kind to the skin with moisturising hydrogel. The formula contains no parabens or colouring agents. Specially selected high-grade active substances enable Dr. Klügel Eye Wrinkle Cream to achieve optimum results.

The proteins, peptides and amino acids in the product are extracted from pearls and silk as natural substances by gentle hydrolysis (separation). The pearl protein chonchiolin merges together the pearl's individual layers and is made up of approximately 20 different amino acids which are also in the skin. The eye wrinkle cream can top up the skin's own depot of peptides and amino acids, thus increasing the level of stored moisture. For this reason, these active substances can be described as natural moisturising factors (NMF).

Silk peptides and proteins make the skin more elastic and smooth, and are highly skin compatible. They raise the level of moisture stored in the skin, which becomes soft and smooth, appears more relaxed and is given a natural silky shine.

In addition to hyaluron, pearl proteins, silk proteins, vitamin A, vitamin E and extract of acerola cherry, the ingredients also include jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) which makes this eye cream particularly effective. Jojoba oil is a liquid wax which contains provitamins A and E. It protects the skin from dehydration and makes it more elastic without leaving behind any oily residue. The oil is resistant to oxidation and provides a high natural protection against light.

Nourishing Cream


The Nourishing Cream from the Dr. Klügel Care range accelerates the skin's natural metabolism and slows down ageing of the skin. This is ensured by the carefully selected substances from hyaluron, vitamins and extract of acerola cherry. The skin is hydrated, smoothed and antioxidantly protected against influences from the environment. The product contains no parabens or colouring agents. The product's optimal effect is due to the synergetic interaction of the carefully selected active substances.

The active substance sodium hyaluronate, often abbreviated to hyaluron, is characteristic of the Dr.Klügel Skin Care range. Hyraluron is a mucopolysaccharide which is found in human skin, where it is crucial for elasticity and tonicity. This property is due to the skin's remarkable ability to store up to 300 times of its own weight in water, which results in reducing water evaporation of the epidermis. With age, hyaluron degrades which causes the skin to age.

The vitamin complex comprises of vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) and vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate). This is complemented by extract from the acerola cherry encapsulated by liposomes (Malpighia Punicifolia Fruit Extract). Vitamin A has a positive influence on the rate of cell division and is thus crucial for skin growth. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and protects the unsaturated fatty acids in the skin's cell walls from oxidation. One molecule from vitamin E can protect up to 100 fatty acid molecules from free radicals. Furthermore, it supports the formation of collagen and protects the skin from collagen disintegration. This prevents premature wrinkles.

The extract from the acerola cherry, containing vitamin C, stimulates the circulation and leads to the production of collagen tissue. The high level of antioxidant capacity in vitamin C also protects the cells from free radicals.

Structure Shampoo


The Structure Shampoo from the Dr. Klügel Skin Care range combines the harmonised active substances with skin-friendly wash tensides. These wash tensides guarantee an optimal cleaning effect and elegant foam forming.

Aloe Vera is the structure shampoo's essential active substance (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice). Amongst other things, aloe vera contains p-hydroxycinnamic acid, saponins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts. Based on these ingredients, it has an astringent and moisturising effect, and stimulates cell growth. This means that aloe vera can be used as a natural moisturiser as well as to soothe the skin. This is essential in caring for the scalp.

The products also contains panthenol, which is equally important for irritated scalps. It activates the body's own development of lipids in the corneal layer of the skin and protects it from oxidant damage. Panthenol has soothing properties which accelerate the regeneration and calming of the scalp.

Allantoin and sodium thiocyanate make up the essential complex of active substances to encourage hair growth. Allantoin itself accelerates cell regeneration. Sodium thiocyanate is a substance found in the body which encourages cell activity in all human cells. It also serves as a stabiliser for the cell membrane. While conducting cancer research, the German scientist Dr. Axel Kramer discovered by chance that the combination of sodium thiocyanate and allantoin, supported by panthenol, can greatly increase the hair growth of living hair roots. This has been protected under patent.