Cosmetic active agent complexes and order history

  • Hyaluronate plant oil complexes (DE 199 23 829 A) are an important moisture complex for the production of own cosmetics and are sold to cosmetics producers. Trade name: Gelhyperme
  • Biomass fatty acid condensates as cosmetic raw materials, especially for the development of water and oil insolvable biomasses as cosmetic raw materials
  • For many years Novoselect has been a listed developer and supplier for Coty/Lancaster Monaco regarding innovative cosmetic active agent complexes.
  • Development requests have been performed for other cosmetics companies (see references).
  • Novoselect has been developing special detergents and desinfectants in contract research.
  • Novoselect has realized development projects for pharma companies regarding galenics of products, formulations of hyaluronate active agent complexes (DE 19923829A) and applications, retard formulations, a. o.
  • For realising development projects and product development Novoselect cooperates closely with universities and R & D companies (see references).
  • Novoselect disposes of close contacts to accredited analysis labs and can perform, a. o., the monitoring of product quality and EU conformity of cosmetics and comestibles.

Animal tendance agents and supplement animal feed

Through close contacts with veterinaries and distributors of veterinary products we can develop products which meet with the current demands oft he market. As active agents we prefer to use natural raw materials such als plant extracts, ethereal oils, minerals, etc.

Very successful are product groups with colloidal gold, sea buckthorn oil, chlorhexidine, polihexanide, Canadian common tormentil, carnitine, sodium hyaluronate, a. o.

Previous target groups have been dogs, cats, horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, fowl and fish.

Among others products are:

  • Sprays, gels, foams, ointments, creams for auxiliary air dressing.
  • Drops and gels for eye care.
  • Solutions for ear purgation.
  • Mouth flushing solutions.
  • Lotions for tending to udders, claws, hoofs.
  • Vitalizing, refreshing rubbings for horses.
  • Several shampoos
  • Rubbings, gels, creams for supporting treatment of sinew, muscle and joint ailments.


Options of implementation are the same as with cosmetics:

  1. Paid for product development
  2. Delivery of products by Novoselect
  3. Franchising


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