Cosmetic formulations

Whoever wants to place sophisticated cosmetics on the market, has to fulfil two pre-conditions regarding product design:

  • The formulation has to meet the highest demands. The creation of emulsions has developed into a high-tech area of expertise and is continuously improving the value-in-use characteristics of the cosmetics. Here, being up to date with the own product is a must.
  • In order to achieve unique selling points, permanent innovations by new active agents is demanded. There not only high effectiveness is at the centre of attraction but also agreeableness and, at best, a natural origin of the new active agent complexes.

Novoselect GmbH develops cosmetic formulations and accomplishes the production of the products for companies such as alessandro and Artdeco.

Standard products are:

  • Night cream,
  • 24-h-cream,
  • Fluid/Serum,
  • Eye crease cream,
  • Dekolleté cream,
  • Bodylotion,
  • Body and hair,
  • Cleanser,
  • Tonic,
  • Peeling,
  • Hand cream,
  • Foot cream,
  • Refection cream,
  • Special creams.

Exclusive cosmetics series

Exclusive cosmetics series including ingredients such as Sea buckthorn flesh oil, Colostrum and mare’s milk, Ostrich oil, Gem stone powders, Colloidial silver, Anti-Aging complexes have been put on the market successfully.

Options of implementation:

  1. Documentation of formulation is handed over to customer for sale.
  2. Novoselect produces and delivers the products to the customer.
  3. Novoselect issues licences for production and marketing to the customer (mainly to extra-Euoropean customers).

Do you want to develop your exclusive cosmetics series with us?

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  • Nourishing Cream
  • Eye Wrinkle Cream
  • Structure Shampoo
  • Hyaluron Gel
  • Anti-Aging Cream
  • Sebum Reducer Cream
  • Whitening Cream
  • Caviar Gel
  • Eye Bags Lifting Gel
  • Eyebrow Gel
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