Wolfener Straße 11
D-12681 Berlin


1998 -  Novoselect enamated from the biotechnology company Permselect.


  • medium-sized manufacturers and merchants of cosmetics
  • international cosmetic companies
  • merchants of veterinary products, hygiene products

Business areas

The focus of our activities are:

  • development, patenting, production and distribution of active-agent cosmetics
  • development of cosmetic formulas according to agreements with the customer and production
  • development and production of animal care products, mixed fodder supplements, hygiene products and purifying agents
  • development of topical pharmaceutical formulas by order of pharmaceutical companies


Novoselect is endued with special scientific-technical competencies and is reliable and flexible in performance.

Novoselect is embedded in a network of scientists, practitioners, reliable subcontractors and marketing specialists on whose know-how it can fall back to any time, if needed.

The location of science – Adlershof – with its medium-sized companies, university related competences and federal agencies facilitates personal contacts in cooperation on an every day basis.

Our principle

Everyone should concentrate on what he can do best.

Contact us!  We are looking forward to your challenge.